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Here is some tips on how to find your product fast, using our new and improved Search feature

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  • You can search by Part Number if this is known to you. And our Part Numbers are prefixed with an alpha to represent their field. ie; R=Road, D=Dirt, T=Trail & A=ATV
    Then if you know the size you are looking for, you can add this after the alpha.
    For example, if you search for A122510* this will return results for 25-10-12 ATV tyres.
    Using the * helps to return like results. 

  • Our search tries to match terms in both their singular and plural forms. If you search for Pad, we would also return results for Padding.

  • If you are unsure on the whole term you can enter the first few letters of the work and then append a \* ie; filt\* would match terms that begin with "filt" and return such items like Filter and Filters 

  • Our search is smart, so will if you enter a small typo the search engine will still work really hard to return product to you that match your search

  • If you would like to search for specific fields, ie; the product title you can enter the search with the name of this field first "title:cable" this will search for all product titles that contain the word cable.

  • When searching for a product, here are the fields we search for using your search term
    • Body
    • Product_Type
    • Tag
    • Title
    • Variant Barcode
    • Variant SKU
    • Variant Title
    • Vendor/Brand

The below points are for when using multiple words in your search

  • When searching and using multiple words like "Pannier Bags" we will return results that contain BOTH Pannier and Bags in the product

  • When searching and using multiple words like "Pannier Bags"  if you enter your term per example: Pannier OR Bags
    We will return results that contain 
    EITHER Pannier or Bags

  • When searching and using multiple words such as "Pannier Bags" if you add a - before a work, for example: Pannier -Bags
    We will return results that contain ONLY Pannier but not Bags


If you still are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact one of our team and we're happy to help!
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