Welcome to the new Cycletreads website. 

You can now use the Cycletreads website on your mobile phone, the site is more secure, and best of all it is fast!

We are continuing to build out the Categories to make products easier to find, and the new Search functionality is super easy. Simply enter a keyword, brand, tyre size, or SKU and we'll show you what we have available.

Keep an eye out because in the coming weeks we are going to be making it even better - Brand filtering, Wishlists, Stock notifications and more.


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If you already had an account we have already brought this across for you. However, for security reasons we have not transferred your password. To set your password:

1) Check the email address you used on the previous website

2) We have sent you an email which contains a link to Activate your account

3) Click the Activate your Account link

4) Enter the password you would like to use in both the Password field and the Confirm Password field.

5) Click Activate Account


We would love to hear your feedback so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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